Problem to add a Skype name to profile

Hi everyone!

I try to add a Skype name to my profile. I write down name and put on a Save button. But the system get me an error: “A user with this e-mail already exists” and save nothing.
What must I do to save a Skype name in my profile?

Hi alexstoma - If you have multiple accounts in the system and you try to use the same email address for both, the system will not let you. Are you trying to change the email address in your current account at the same time as you are trying to save your Skype name? You will have to cancel your other account first if you want to use the same email.

Thanks for the answer, mark!

But how the systen can allow me to register different account for the same e-mail? In any case, when I try to get a paasword for my e-mail the system is get me a error: “500 - Server error”. Next step?

The issue was that you created an account with the same email address. I’ve now canceled your old account so you should be able to add a Skype name without any issues. Let us know if you need any more help.

Thank you alex!
I add the Skype name to my account just now.