Problem signing up for Tutor Course

I could not sign up for a Tutor Course, kept getting " Server Error". Is the link invalid or just down for the moment?

“500 - server error”

Hi Yvette,

What page are you on when attempting to sign up for a Tutored Course? These were phased out of the system some time ago. Now we have Courses in the Library, which function more or less like playlists, and conversations are done from the Speak page.

The Beginners 2, Pronunciation course with Marianne. I used the link on her wall to get to the French (tutored) Courses section. I did not realize the courses were phased out. No problem, I’ll just sign up for a few “conversations.” Thanks so much for getting back to me, Alex.

Hi Alex. After looking at the ‘courses’ you have applied recently in the library, it is actually what I and some of my students means by courses. I just finished the first part of one of the courses I offer. It is still actual then. I don’t think it is a good idea to phases them out as it helps students.Here is the link
If one had signed up recently, there is a problem if Yvette can’t do the same.

Oops : it is actually what I and some of my students DOESN’T mean by courses.