Problem showing all comments on the Exchange

If I click on “Show all x comments” on the Exchange I see html code.

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@VeraI - Sorry about this! We are aware of this and should have it fixed soon.

No problem. Just want to let you know.

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Hi Alex,

Could you possibly please fix the bug relating to posting writing corrections while you are at it?

I would appreciate a swift fix.

I have just spent hours trying to post my writing correction - a personal request - to no avail.
No matter what I do, it seems impossible to post the response. I clicked on “save” and no matter how often I click “post response”, it doesn’t actually send the response. The system reacts and “Sending…” appears on the screen but I am not brought to the “completed requests” page and when I check “my requests” I can still see this as open.

While I am at it, I would appreciate it if you could also check my profile to establish why I am not getting emails regarding personal writing requests, or if I am, why these are going to another email address.
Yesterday, I received a conversation request to my email address but not this writing request, any ideas why? And if they are both going to me, any ideas why they are going to different email addresses?

Alex to the rescue :slight_smile:

I noticed too that if I want to read my own wall comments or someone else’s, I get the request “do you want to open or save comments.json from” When I try to save or open it, it downloads, but then I get a windows can’t open this file message.

Not as urgent as Maria’s, but just to let you know.

@2Maria, Julz611 - Sorry about the issues here. We are looking into these now and hope to have things fixed very soon.

@2Maria - Regarding the email notifications, we were having some issues with these emails but they should be working properly again as of today.