Problem reviewing words after app upgrade

I did the upgrade for LingQ 5.4.1(350) and the “review due” button is showing all the words of the lesson. I think it is good to review level 4 words, but known words are also shown and this is a little upset.

Status 4 words are Known words too. Or are you saying that you don’t want to review checkmarked words?

I too have noticed that the “Review Due” button is no longer working the same as it did pre-update. I wrote up the following yesterday after I had already twice edited a previous (and long) comment on potential errors/fixes for the Android app, so was holding on to it for a future post after gathering other comment, but since it’s relevant:

Since the update, the Review Due within a lesson is no longer only giving me SRS-ready words. For example, I opened a lesson with 26 reviews due, went through it 3 times, still had 17 left (and had seen several repeats). Doing another set of 10 words gotme down to 11 left; another set to 7; another set to 5. In the meantime, a couple words that showed up several times were worked all of the way from a 1 or a 2 to becoming a 4 or a checkmark - while I still had some words I still couldn’t get it to show me! Many of the other words it is adding into my ~B2 level study are A1 level words, as well, such as “friend”, which are words that have never been a Lingq for me, and yet the same word will show up in 5 review sessions in a row. This worked as it should prior to the update.

I used “Review Due” on a lesson this morning and noticed the same things I did yesterday. Seeing this thread now, I tested it again, and @zoran I’m definitely getting checkmarked words in there. I had three words in my second session that were definitely already checkmarks before they came up in my review session. (Some had previously been cards, others I wasn’t sure about.) Also, I did two sets of reviews, and had 3 or 4 words (out of 10 each time) that showed up in both sessions. While I forgot to note how many words were initially marked as needing to be reviewed, after my first set it said I had 27 words left. I completed another set of 10 review words (3 of which were checkmarks, 3 or 4 were repeats from the first session, 3 or 4 were new and active Linqs), and it then claimed I had 26 words left after getting all but ~1 word right.

So in summary, Review Due seems to have changed to:

  • Include known words (both 4s and checkmarks), including those that have never been Lingqs
  • Repeat multiple words across consecutive review sessions
  • No longer permits you to review all current Lingqs that are due for review within a lesson in a reasonable number of sets.
    I only discovered “Review Due” on lessons a couple weeks ago, and already came to really appreciate it for helping me run through currently due Lingqs before reading a new lesson. So, hope this is helpful feedback to fix it! (Review session yesterday and just now were on Android 5.4.1, this morning’s sets were on Firefox browser - just tried once again as I realized there was an update, and had the same issues on Android 5.4.2, but the issues may stem deeper since I had it in browser as well.)

checkmarked words are also coming up in review.
The review due in a lesson shows, for example, 8, but when I open it, it has over than 30 cards, including checkmarked and status 4 words.

Thanks, we will look into it and have it fixed.