Problem Repairing my Streak - Please Help

I Have 64290 coins, but missed yesterday, and the system says I don’t have enough coins to repair my streak! How can that be? Can someone fix this please?

I fixed your streak. We are looking into the repair streak coins issue.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I should have plenty of coins also but it says i don’t have enough. I also did my lingqs yesterday but today I lost my streak. Please repair it for

@Jayk I fixed your streak.

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Obviously there is a bug in the version of lingq i am using you repaired my streak but it when I opened lingqs it says i lost it again. Please repair again.

Your streak is alive and active, I don’t see any problem now.

My profile timezone was changed to UTC so I lost my streak. I changed back to Mountain time yesterday and the streak seemed repaired, but now it is gone again. Can this be fixed?

@josephchavez I fixed your streak.

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Thank you.

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I also lost my streak. Could it be repaired?

So I did it again, I did my lesson after midnight and lost the streak. But I think I found another issue with the repair part. I did my lesson before it asked me to repair and when I went to the library page after doing my lesson, it then asked if I wanted to repair the streak. But since I had just did my lesson my new streak had already gone to 1, so when I clicked the repair button, it said the streak wasn’t broken. So it seems the repair only works if you repair it before you do your day’s lesson. So it’s possible to do your day’s lesson after midnight, establish a new streak, and then have it ask if you want to repair a streak even though it won’t let you. In the screenshot below it also shows 5/100 coins even though I had already earned 154 coins that day, I’m not sure what’s up with that… So if you have time could you repair my streak?

I’ve lost all my coins and my 193 or so day streak has returned to a 1-day streak. It doesn’t matter though, as I am still learning German. I haven’t lost any of my progress really.

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@jahufford I fixed your streak.


@Ginkgo58 I fixed your streak.

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@Planetoidpluto Sorry but looks like you had 2 days break and it is no longer possible to fix your streak.

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