Problem - LingQ Cuts an uploaded lesson short and doesn't upload the second part of the lesson

Hi - could someome from LingQ help me? Maybe @Zoran? I have recently encountered a problem when uploading my private podcasts with audio transcripts. The audio files are approx 37 minutes long so naturally the text is long too. However, previously LingQ would automatically slice my file in two and correctly apportion the right audio and text to ‘lesson one’ and the right audio and text to ‘lesson two’. However, recently when I have a long lesson LingQ is retaining 100% of the audio in lesson one but not creating a second file for the transcripts. So the end result is I have only 1 lesson with 100% of the audio and only 50% of the text. This is only a recent problem. I have emailed LingQ support on Friday and yet to receive a reply but I’m posting this here too to see if anyone else can offer any guidance? I have re-deleted and tried to re-upload the lessons in question but I still have the same problem. Thanks Paul

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Other users complained about the same issue. We will look into it and have it fixed.


Thanks Zoran. Please keep me informed.

I too am having this issue - also, is there any reason why we can’t have longer texts? I have a twenty minute lesson that gets cut. If it’s some database issue, maybe string the lessons together, concatenating them seamlessly, so the user doesn’t notice that it’s stored as two different records?


I don’t know if it’s related but some of my imports from are cut short. There is no audio however.

Windows 10
Firefix 102.0.1
LingQ importer 2.2.2


Hi - I wanted to repost here. This issue is still unresolved. Today I have emailed LingQ support again.