Problem importing Naruto from

I’m trying to import Naruto from (this episode in particular: using the LingQ add-on for firefox and I’m getting one of these two errors:

  1. “Error: image: Upload a valid image. The file you uploaded was either not an image or a corrupted image.”
  2. “Error: importing failed - Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP error 520:”

I’m not really sure what triggers the error message to change, but I usually get the first one.

I tried several different animes on and the importer worked fine, seems like only Naruto is having problems.

Here’s a screenshot of what I get:

Is there anything else I could try? Or is this a problem on the end of LingQ?

Seems like that subtitles file is corrupted and can’t be imported. You will need to go with other videos sorry. I don’t think it’s a problem on our end since importing other videos from the same source works fine.

Zoran, thank you for the response. That’s unfortunate. Is there any workaround for this I could try? Best I can tell is that if an anime is not on animelon, youtube or netflix I’m out of luck, because importing videos with subtitles from files is not supported and converting the video to audio and importing it along with the subs would not work too well if I want the audio and text to be timestamped and synchronized on the platform. Best I could come up with is uploading the video along with the subs to youtube privately and ripping it form there using the browser add-on.

I already reported that I had encountered the exact same error trying to import other videos. In the meantime I have kept on trying to import from Animelon and have even used a different browser and the same error keeps popping up, so I don’t think this is just an issue of one single case

@zadrras Have you tried importing from
We’ll look if we can do something on our end to improve importing from the Animelon.

I haven’t tried that one. And it did work, imported just fine for me. Thanks a bunch!

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