Problem importing ebooks and youtube videos

I have tried to import some youtube videos, the lingq lesson finishes before the end of the video.
I also tried to import different Ebooks but just one lesson was created.
What is the problem with lingq?

If the transcript of the video you are trying to import contains over 2000 words, your lesson will automatically be split into several parts. This is quite inconvenient, but I don’t think they’ll do anything about it in the near future, unfortunately.

As for the ebook import function, there appears to be a delay for the lessons to show up, which means you’ll see lesson 1 but will have to wait a little while for other parts to appear. The team knows about it, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. If your ebook is in epub format, I suggest you remove the DRM and copy/paste the text into the lesson. But again, your text will be split after 2000 words.


I have the same problem for e-book imports, namely I can only access the first part of the imported book. The rest is “locked” and I get the error “Please upgrade” when clicking on following parts :confused:

@Gerwaldbommel Yes, you need to upgrade to Premium to access other parts since Free users are limited with number of private lessons they can have.

In some cases it can take some time for additional parts to appear. Take another look and see if everything is there now.

Thansk for the answer, I understand, I thought you made Ukrainian 100% free to learn.

I’ve actually never been able to upload eBooks, since it just doesn’t seem to recognise the Arabic print.

Help, I can’t import the YouTube video even through the website not APP. I have the problem with importing videos for several months. I am really anxious about figuring out how to solve it.

@chenxiaojing Can you provide any example video URL that you can’t import?

It’s strange that I can only import videos about Steve Kaufman. And if I want to import the other videos, it failed and said"URL, Checking Network Connections". And it’s also weird that I can only import the videos that appears on the page of Steve Kaufman‘s videos. Recently I really want to import Hailey’s vlog and failed, struggling for two hours.