Problem importing books

Hello, I keep trying to import e-books for Mandarin Chinese, but all of them immediately say there’s an error and only import the title page. It says I need to make sure there’s no encryption or digital protection on it, but I can open it fine with other programs or with a browser.


so i’ve had the same problem with the epub format for a couple of months

what i’ve been doing is using calibre to convert it to mobi format and that has been working to import it into LingQ

(before doing that, i highly recommend taking 10 seconds and replacing all the chinese style punctuation “。 ?” in the calibre editer with western punctuation “. ?” as it makes one less swipe when reading in sentence mode)

also make sure that the file size isn’t too big (those huge webnovels need to be split if they are thousands and thousands of pages long)


I suggest everyone send their non-working ebooks via mail to Zoran (support @ this could be the first step toward a fix. In fact ePub files have never worked for me in Chinese, they seem to work perfectly fine for Western languages though.
The Chinese punctuation is giving me trouble as well, especially since Traditional Chinese doesn’t use Western style quotation marks and uses right corner brackets「…」instead. LingQ doesn’t seem to recognize these as such and more often than not place them in their own sentence. Having “」” constitute a sentence makes it impossible to proceed using the right arrow key in sentence mode - I’ve reported this already. Removing these language specific elements sounds like a workaround, I would prefer if LingQ could provide a seamless experience that doesn’t involve manual intervention and allow users to work with foreign language material in its authentic form. Maybe the developers can also take a look at Chinese punctuation - Wikipedia, or for a more authoritative source Unicode 8.0.0, esp. chapter 6, and check if their systems behave as intended.


Books that are under copyright protection can’t be imported.