Problem deleting a request/report

On two occasions, I started to work on a response to another member’s open request for a writing correction by clicking on the ‘fulfill request’ button, but after I started, I found I did not have the time to devote to a proper response to either request, and so I did not actually fulfill either request. The other members’ requests remain on my ‘My Requests’ ( page and there is no ‘delete’ option. Are these stuck there forever? I would like to be able to delete them from ‘My Requests’ since they serve no purpose.

@brucenator - I looked into this and it appears you can’t currently delete requests that you’ve started working on. This is something we can look at in a future update, but do note that you’re welcome to submit partially completed responses as students can divide points up between tutors (e.g. 100 points to me for an incomplete response and 300 points to Joe for a completed and helpful response).

Now I have discovered that even after I have fully or partially completed a response to someone’s exchange request, and I have submitted it, and I have been awarded points for it, the request ‘report’ does not clear or delete from the ‘my requests’ (reports) page (like they did before when responses were completed and submitted), but still sits there regardless, junking up the ‘my requests’ (reports) page. Houston, we have a problem.

@brucenator - Thanks for the heads up on this. If you want to just see your reports, you can go to the My Requests page, click “View Reports” at the top left, then change the filter on the right from “All Reports” to “Learner Reports”. This will just show requests that you submitted and conversations that you signed up for.

I’m not sure we have immediate plans to update the Reports page, but we’ll be sure to keep this in mind if we do decide to refresh it in the near future!