Problem creating Lingqs


I am wondering if other users have the following problem as I do: when I click on a word in order to see its translation/create a LingQ, another word in the text randomly gets yellow (it becomes a LingQ without clicking on it); then I have to clik on it to delete the unwanted LingQ, but sometimes when I do this, another random word from the text gets yellow and so on.

It is pretty annoying when this happens and it happens quite often to me.

Sorry to hear that. I can’t reproduce the issue on my end. Can you please post a link to a lesson in which you noticed that problem and let me know what words exactly switched to yellow by itself?

This issue appears in all the lessons I took so far, mostly in Russian, but I also tried other languages, like German and French, and it happened there as well. I thought it was a system problem, not regarding particular lessons.

This happens when on a page there are multiple blue words. When I click on a blue word to see the translation, another blue word gets yellow out of nowhere. But if I go on to the next page and then return to the previous page (so all words are now considered known), I can click on a word to create a LingQ without other words turning yellow.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that on my end. Which browser are you using?
Would you be able to send us video of the issue to support(at)