Problem billing my credit card

I got an email saying the payment has been declined. I tried to update my credit card info to be sure from Settings>Account>Billing Info>Edit.

I got directed to

At the top of the page, I have warning (yellow-coloured notification) saying: “Votre compte a un solde de 55,00 $ USD que vous toucherez lorsque vous aurez mis à jour vos données de facturations.” It’s french probably because of cookies, I couldn’t change it to English.

There, I reentered the info and clicked on “Modifier ce renseignement sur la facturation”, then the same page was uploaded with an additional error message (red-coloured notification) under above warning. I checked my credit card, and there was no billing info there. Then, tried it again to write this message but this time instead of getting error message, I was redirected to main page. Checking that still there is no billing for my credit card, I tried one more time and it was the same as the last try (got redirected to lingq main page.).

I still have no billing for my credit card (under bank app), I’m using the card daily as always without a problem and have no exceptional situation regarding the card. I just noriced that the address info was old in that page but it was like this in the previous payment 6 months ago and had no problem & changing it did not solve the problem (also it was not updated, at every try I got old adress).

Also, under Settings>Account,

  • Next Payment:October 20, 2019
  • Last Payment:October 20, 2019
    those info were same before and after I tried the info update.

I checked your account and your payment attempts were rejected because your bank has declined your card.
Can you please contact your bank for more information and ask them to check why they declined the card? Thanks.

OK. I will check it today

Today, first, I called the bank and they said that I should consult the branch of the bank. Then, I went there and asked about the payment attempts. They said they saw no reason for it to be rejected. There is no problem regarding the limit, online payment option etc. or any kind of problem that might cause rejection. They suggested me to retry and if it won’t work again call a number(turned out the same phone no that i called earlier).

So, I retried and it did not work on lingq and I called again. They checked my online payment options. It was open. Only closed option was for bet&gambling payments (I assumed lingq payment was not one :). Also, they told me that if the payment was attempted on their online banking, they could have further control over payment but for such payments they can’t do anything other that above verification.

Plus, I made another online payment with same credit card without any problem. Can you verify that the problem was not on your part? I should note again that nothing has changed on the bank/account side compared to previous payment 6 months ago. If you changed sth on payment method, that might cause the problem, maybe.

Note: Since changing the info under Settings>Account>Billing Info>Edit made no effect, I thought of changing payment under Settings> Account> Current Tier> Change plan, but after the last price rise, 6-month-plan has become 72€ instead of 55$. I remember that old members’ payment plan will continue as long as premium membership is maintained. So I did not continue trying that.

I checked your account again and it still shows that payments were unsuccessful because your bank declined your card. Hard to say what’s going on, I see that other users are paying regularly so doesn’t look like any problem on our end.
Do you have a PayPal account?

Yes, I have. If it’s possible updating the payment method as paypal, keeping 55$-for-6-month plan, I may try changing it to paypal

Yes, we can do that. Please contact me on support(at) and we will sort it out.

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Ok, thanks. I will write from there