Problem adding new words in Japanese

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been noticing in this support forum that some people are having similar problems as mine, but I will present mine here just to make sure it will be fixed.
My problem is that when I add some new word or phrase, I mean, when I use the mouse to create a new blue lingq, I try to turn it yellow, by adding a hint, and most of the times it works but then when I restart the lesson all the words I added are gone. I’m not sure this problem is specific to Japanese, but for me it’s been happening in Japanese at least since yesterday (because I noticed it yesterday, but there is a chance it’s been happening even before that).
Can you help me, please? I use lingQ to learn texts for my classes, so I need this fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you very much, the site is always awesome and I just want to make it better by asking this.

Sorry to hear that. Can you send us a link to a lesson where you are having this problem?

I’m having this problem in all lessons I’ve been taking in Japanese these days, but I will send one as an example: Login - LingQ
Thank you!

Hmm, I took a look at this lesson, and tried saving some LingQs - everything seemed to work properly.

I wonder if it’s just with specific terms. Within this lesson, is there a specific term you can link us to that has this issue?

Alex, I made a video of it, can i send it to you by email? It shows how the problem is happening.

Sure, that would be great! You can send the video to me at alex (at) and I’ll be happy to take a look.

I just sent it, Alex. Thanks

This one should hopefully now be working! Please give this another try and let us know if you’re experiencing any additional issues here.

It seems to be working, Alex. Thank you very much! I will report to you if I find any other problem, but now it’s working perfectly. Thank you again!