Problem adding new word

I’m currently doing the lesson “日食(にっしょく)” in this course Login - LingQ
In the lesson there is the following text: “皆既日食”. I want to add the word 皆既 as lingq, but I can’t because when I try to select it will automatically highlight “皆既日” but I only want to add “皆既” as a separate lingq. How can I do this?

Hi Kal9871,
Unfortunately it’s not possilbe to separate one word into parts and create LingQ only from one part of the word. In lesson which you have mentioned 皆 is one word and 既日 is other, so you can only create LingQ from 皆 or 既日 or 皆既日 together.
If you want to create LingQ from word 皆既, you can import word manually on the Vocabulary page, just click on “Import Vocabulary” button.
Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions!