Private Lessons Import Limit Reached

“Free members are only allowed to import 5 private lessons.” I have only 3 private lessons but I cannot import more.

The current import limit is an all-time limit, so even if private lessons were deleted, they still count towards the limit of 5.


rolan, why do you not simply become a basic member? The benefits are many. Without paying members we are unable to pay our programmers and cover our other costs. Why does that annoy you?

I really fail to understand people like you. Would you expect to walk into a shoe store, help yourself to what you want and leave without paying? Do you think that shoe makers and programmers should work for free? Do you work for free or intend to work for free when you finish school?

If we allowed free members to delete and import more, the limit would not be much of a limit. We welcome free members. They are free to download all the wonderful and constantly growing content, audio and text, provided by the great members at LingQ. Free members can use this learning material for as long as they want. We welcome them on our Forum where they can get advice and help from our great community. We hope they tell their friends.

We place limits on the use of some of the functionality at LingQ. Those people who do not find this functionality useful will never upgrade. We hope that those who find the functionality useful become paying members.

Sorry for my thoughts. I appreciate what you do!

No problem.

I must confess I thought it worked a library with a check-out limit of five items, where we have to “return” (delete) one before “borrowing” (adding) a new, but with the above explanation in mind, I suppose one can’t even delete all of one’s LingQ to save one new. Not that I plan to delete all of my LingQs.


It’s free.

Haven’t tried it yet.


Thanks for posting this, murat1.

Thanks a lot!

Too bad there is no Linux compatible version. I have Windows but I hate using it. So I won’t try this yet.

I am wondering about the striking similarity to LingQ in design. Is there some kind of copyright issue here?

He rather openly states that he has copied ideas from us and other sources. He is well aware of us and regularly spams our members twitter accounts. Not much we can do. There is lots of competition out there. We have to focus on making LingQ as good as it can be.

Well, I’ve just had a look at LWT, and I can’t make head nor tail of it. It might be wonderful…but I’ve already taken the leap of faith to bung LingQ $10 a month (three years ago now), and that takes care of pretty much all my learning needs.

Even the free services on LingQ are more comprehensive than anything I’ve managed to find elsewhere, after years of looking.

Since the beginning of time, farmers, shoe makers and others have traded their products, skills and efforts for those of others, and for much of that time, using the medium of money to facilitate the exchange.

Why, rolan, does that bother you? I understand that you would like to have everything free. As a consumer, so would I. But why do you feel that we “killed a great idea” and are “interested only in money.” That is what I do not understand. Do you feel the same way about a farmer who expects to be paid for his crop? Do you feel your parents should work every day for nothing? I would like to understand.

Or you just disappointed that you cannot get what you want for free?

One more thing I find strange is the suggestion that a private school is somehow worse than a public school. Teachers and administrators in the public school system are paid, usually the same as in private schools. However, public schools are inefficient (at least in Canada) with bloated bureaucracies, a rapid rise in cost to the taxpayer, with declining learning outcomes by students.

We need more private schools to compete with the public system. Students attending private schools should be paid for by the state, since it is in the interest of the whole society that education be as efficient and effective as possible. Private schools should not be an elitist concept only available to the wealthy.

Rolan, try to see things in a different way. You say LingQ is excellent, but is excellent thanks to the paying members, not to free members. The new features that are continously coming are paid by the money of paying members.

In my opinion, LingQ offers free features mainly because if you want to become a paying member, you can know better what are you paying for. If LingQ offered too many cool features for free, people wouldn’t become a paying member. On the other hand, if LingQ didn’t offer anything for free, people wouldn’t know what LingQ can offer. So it’s a tricky balance.

As a member, my main concern is that LingQ has enough resources to continue existing and improving over time. If it lost money during a certain time, it would disappear for sure.

With that said, I think LingQ is quite generous on offering free features (which is good) and free members can take advantage of that.

There’s no advertising on LingQ either. I’m getting really fed up with all the adverts on the internet - it’s like watching American TV :-p

…and the reason we don’t have adverts on the BBC is that we PAY to be able to watch it.

It costs rather more than a LingQ membership.

OscarP, I think LingQ is not quite generous, but a lot of generous. I just found that in the past LingQ offered only free 14-day trial, so I take all my bad words back. Over again, I’m sorry for that, I had some bad days :frowning: In the future when I’ll have more money I’ll be at least a basic user.
Steve, thanks a lot for excellent learning system! Good luck for improving it!