Private imports showing up in trending

I recently found that nearly all of my private imports were showing up on trending and were accessible by others. Before this happened, I was getting pop up messages when I opened a lesson to like the lesson so it would be visible/available (I don’t remember which) to others. Are private imports no longer an option? (I deleted all imported lessons, so I can’t point to a specific lesson)


Hello, Lidalyra.

When you import a lesson into LingQ, it is private by default unless you choose to share it. However, it is possible to accidentally share private lessons, for example, by liking them without realizing it. I myself had this issue before.

The LingQ Knowledge Base confirms this:

If you are experiencing any issues, it may be a glitch, but private lessons are still a feature on LingQ. I hope this helps and that you do not continue to experience any issues.


Thank you.

Thank you, we will look into that.

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I am shocked Zoran, is that true?

Can people accidentally share private lessons by liking them?

This is a SERIOUS glitch if true.



I can confirm that my private lesson is accessible by direct link from another account. I have nothing to say here, it’s negligence and irresponsibility.


This is actually a long-standing issue. I first reported this on February 15 2022 via email. At that point I was not able to access the individual lessons, so I deemed it not particularly serious. On April 29 2022 I made another report because I had been able to open the private lessons that appeared on the trending shelf. I believe Zoran couldn’t reproduce at the time, and I never followed this up. But I have been seeing private lessons pop up since. I just try to be courteous and don’t click on them.


We aren’t familiar with the issue but our team is looking into it now.

@zoran I have additional information regarding this issue that I will send to the support email. Thank you.

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I’m still having this problem. I’ve tried importing videos to the app (and thought maybe that was the problem, as there’s no way to choose private or public there), and just now tried on the website. Everything is still immediately public. There are things I’d like to import so I can use the text to speech function, but if they aren’t private, there’s no way I can do this.

We are working on this and we will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.


Was the problem with privacy fixed?
Seems to be not - I still can see someone’s supposedly private lesson.

It should be fixed, you can only still see the lessons if you opened and used them before they were private.

This is not the case. From my wife’s account, I can see my private lessons, which have never been shared or made public.
I’d also like to add that the rule you just described seems a bit arbitrary.

Thanks, I asked our team to look into it again.

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