Priority List from the development team

I wonder if a public version of the priority list from the development team can be made available. It does not have to be exactly the same as the internal version, but at least we know where on the list our wished items are.

edwin, if you, or others, put your wished for items on the getsatisfaction list, we will respond.

Quite often the reply we get back is: the development team has higher priority tasks to work on.

This is fine as long as we know the feature request is somewhere on the task list.

edwin, have you checked the getsatisfaction list? Do you have a particular wish that you would like to know about?

Of course, if a wish is not high on our priority list that is what we will say. What would you prefer that we do? Drop everything and work on the latest request, or perhaps say that we will get right at it and then do nothing?

I am talking about feature requests in general. I only want a way to know where on the priority list a particular request is.

edwin, thanks for putting two items on our getsatisfaction list.We will see how much interest there is in these items. Unfortunately not many people go there so I do not know how representative this list is but it is a tool. The more people go there to post requests or vote on requests, the better for everyone.

As to developments here at LingQ, in the short term:

We have our own projects or improvements. At present these consist of

a) user evaluation or grading system for library content and tutors
b) a “tutorial lesson mode” for newcomers at LingQ
c) an improved and more visible “resources” area with better indications if resources exists, and an editable Notes page for explanations etc.
d) Some admin issues for us.
e) Refinement of LingQing to make it more stable and easier.

Behind that we have the addition of more languages

In addition we try to knock off one “user request or user annoyance” per week (one of Vera’s ideas I believe). We just fixed the Babylon issue. I know we are looking at why the default to Badge fix is not working properly.

So for other user requests please use getsatisfaction.

We are reluctant to give time lines because there are always surprises and disappointments.

Thanks for solving the Babylon issue!

Sounds good to me. Thank you for letting us know.

edwin, you will find your answers on getstatisfacion.

Note that the defaulting of the badge works. However it is individual for each language. You also need to clear the cache, or refresh the page, for it to work.

I should add that the timing in adding other languages will depend on the issues we find as we plan it, and also on what is involved in reorganizing the My Lessons area, which is of greater importance right now. We will see. Hopefully we get these things done, including the new languages, by June 1, no promises.

Yes, I can see the defaulting to Badge is working now. Thanks.