Printing the mini stories

I am learning Chinese and I know LingQ allows me to print out the mini stories, however, it only prints the Chinese. Is there a way to print out with the pinyin on top because it will be very useful for me when I read it at night for my eyes?

No, at the moment it’s not possible to print them with Pinyin, sorry.

I’ve seen this type of request before. You could direct them to where they can copy Chinese text from LingQ’s ‘print lesson’ window and paste in the ‘annotate’ tab page in order to print both pinyin and text together.

Just tick the ‘for printing’ box first then choose ‘none at all’ vocab (so long lists of HSK vocab don’t print, as well), then print from the combined pinyin and text window that pops up after clicking ‘annotate’.

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Ah thanks so much for your help. This was so useful. :slight_smile:

It’s such a good tool!

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