Printing Lingqs

I’m attempting to print the lingqs I’ve developed from a lesson and they come out so minuscule they’re impossible to read. There doesn’t seem anyway to enlarge their font from the print page. Here’s a screen shot of the Lingqs I’m trying to print.
Please help,

How can you print LingQ?

It’s better to export the lingqs to a CSV file instead of printing them. Then you can just open the CSV file in Notepad (and print from there).

You can also open the file in Excel, but any characters with accents will be messed up.

Just clink on the lingQs you’ve made in a lesson (on the top right hand of the screen) where it says “review lingQs” Then when the review screen pops up, click on the left top icon entitled “View all lingQs” ffrom there you’re given the options of Print,Export or Manage. The only useful one seems to be “Manage” which will show you a list of the LingQs you’ve developed in that lesson. As far as I can see there doesn’t seem to be any way to save that list separately.



Thank you!