Printing a lesson with pinyin?

Hi :slight_smile: is it possible to print a Chinese lesson that includes Hanzi and pinyin? Can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks

No, that’s not possible at the moment. Sorry!

Thanks for letting me know:)

Go to Chinese Text Annotation - MandarinSpot -and select the annotation tab

Copy the lesson text from LingQ’s print function and paste into the ‘text annotation’ box to print both Hanzi & pinyin together. Select ‘Hanyu Pinyin’ for ‘Phonetic system’, check add spaces between words (if you want), then check ‘for printing’. I recommend you choose ‘none at all’ for the option to print vocab, as the HSK level options generate over-detailed pages of lists - which are redundant with LingQ anyhow. Then hit annotate button.

Thank you for this. Sorry for the delay - hadn’t spotted the notification. Thanks again. :blush:

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