"Print" version with hints/lingqs?

Hi, is there any way of printing the text from a lesson, whilst including the hint/translation for lingQed words and phrases?
I like to have a printed copy to read during my commute, and at the moment it’s time consuming to both LingQ on the computer, and annotate my printed copy afterward too.
Just a suggestion,

EDITED – See post below

Sorry, my previous post was a bit of a mess – seems I missed a simple function. You can click the “Print” icon in the My LingQs widget then print your LingQs from there.

Some users have previously asked for the hints to be right there in the text, but since some hints can be quite long (and some users have multiple hints for a term), the formatting of the text would be an issue.

Ah, always so much I don’t know about LingQ. Good, I shall give it a try.

Just saw your Edit.

Thanks for quick reply, this feature seems like the answer I’m after : )