Print text with LingQs

Возможно уже писали это предложение, но тем не менее я не нашел его на форуме (плохо искал?)

Мое предложение следующее: сделать возможным распечатку текстов из изучаемых уроков вместе с линками, в том смысле чтобы слово, помеченное как изучаемое (желтая подсветка) при распечатке вместо желтого окраса показывало в скобках свое значение из настроек линка.

К примеру так (в этом примере слово “qualifies” является линком):
Even speaking one foreign language qualifies (определяет) a person as a linguist.

Probably this proposal already written by somebody, but i did not find it on the forum (is that was a bad looking?)

My offer is: to made possible to print text from learning lessons with lingQs.
I mean: the word, marked as lingQ (yellow backlight) in printed text will be printed without yellow backlight, but without them has a meaning of the lingQ within brackets from settings of this lingQ.

An example is: (in this example the word “qualifies” is the lingQ):
Even speaking one foreign language qualifies (определяет) a person as a linguist.

A good suggestion, but I don’t know how practical it would be. Since many hints are longer than one or two words (sometimes 50 or 100 characters, or more!), it would be difficult to display these long hints within the body of the text itself.

Hmm for me it’s not a problem :slight_smile: because if there the whole sentence marked as LingQ, we can print LingQ below the sentence, in Italic style of font :slight_smile:

Это предложение является примером для линка-предложения.
This sentence is example of LingQ usage for sentences.

Another example, there the whole LingQ in brackets:
Это предложение является примером для линка-предложения (This sentence is example of LingQ usage for sentences)

As you see it still looks pretty natural, and yes - it’s also can be marked as italic, to highlight that this is LIngQ :slight_smile:

Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for late posting, it’s because i didn’t use LingQ for more than year.

P.P.S Why sometimes forum show correct-looking HTML-marked texts, and sometimes not?

@Exxtay - Thanks for your feedback on this. I don’t think we’ve had any other requests for this in the year and a half since you posted, so I’m not sure it is in much demand. If you have any other suggestions though be sure to let us know!

Regarding the HTML markup, HTML is actually disabled on the forum to ensure that it doesn’t break the layout of the forum pages, so it will just show the HTML code exactly as you type it in.

well… it’s ok :slight_smile:
but please keep in mind that feature, because it can help a lot for users with ebooks for example.
ofc. there some books supports internet connection, and you’re able to browse site via ebook.
but some of books are not supports. And sometimes it’s better to read printed text except “native-looking” text in lingq lessons.

well… please keep in mind about that feature, because it’s really helpful. By my opinion at least.