Pricing Question

I’m considering a subscription to LingQ, but I see a different monthly price when I view the pricing on the website ($10) versus on the mobile app ($13.99). Is the latter just converted into Canadian Dollar? I would hope one subscription allows me to use the website and the app, is this so?

Also, the free 7-day trial only seems to be available on the app. If I activate it there, will I, again, be able to take advantage of it on the website?

Answers are much appreciated.

The prices on the website are in US dollar, while the prices shown on the iOS app are always in your local currency. Which means that if you are from Canada, price you can see in the app are Canadian Dollars.
Also, Apple doesn’t update its exchange rates that frequently so it may be a bit different price than it should be.

If you activate Premium membership (including Free Trial) on the app, you will have unlimited access on the website version too.

Also, the price shown on the website does not include tax which is charged to Canadian residents. Apple meanwhile includes the tax in their price as well. Selfishly we would prefer if you upgrade on the web, since Apple takes 30% from us when you update through them, and the net result is the same, you are upgraded for all platforms and languages.

Hello Lingq!
I upgraded on iOS before reading this thread. Now I would like to cancel my subscription via iOS and re-subscribe directly with Lingq via the website. That way you don’t lose the 30%. How do I do this? I don’t want to lose any of my stats.

We appreciate that Greg! Not to worry, if you downgrade you won’t lose any statistics or data. Just downgrade on ios and upgrade on the web, then you can go right back to what you were doing.

Hi! I am a Premium member until 17 April. I would like to cancel the Premium membership (from 17 April) and go with a normal gratis membership, but if click on downgrade I read that I loos all my statistic and lingqs (vocabulary). It is so? Do you have new conditions?

After you downgrade your account to Free level your progress will be saved on your account for 90 days. If you upgrade back
within that period or activate Vacation plan ($2/month) you will keep your data.

Thank you, I succeeded and kept my data after downgrading.