Sorry I am new here. So my question is where can I find how much I have to pay for the teachers?

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Hi Balazs,
Welcome to LingQ!
1 on 1 Conversation (15 minutes) = 500 points ($5*).
4 on 1 Group Conversation (1 hour) = 500 points ($5*).
Writing Correction 100 words = 333 points ($3.33*).

  • includes 50% points discount for Premium Members

Take a look at this two pages to learn more:

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Zoran, I asked already, but nobody answered me:

  • what are the rates for a translation
  • what are the rates for recording
  • what are the rates for writing correction + recording?

Hi Evgueny40,
When you are on the open requests page, you will see on the right corner of each request how much points is offered by the user who posted the request.
That means that number of points which you will receive depends on how much points user who posted the request is ready to offer.
Hope this helps!

Zoran, I understand that the user can offer diifferent number of points, it’s OK.
But I would like to lnow if you have a firm rate for the translation as you have for Writing correction - I mean: 100 words= 333 points (see above your own post).
And how many points for the Translation 100 words?
Or you have no firm rate for such a require, don’t you?
By the way, I wanted to pay your attention to that case because I think the traslation needs more time and more work than simple ‘Writing Correrction’.

When submitting writing for correction, translation or recording, user gets suggestion by the system about how much points he/she should offer for it.
For writting correction, suggested number of points is 333 for 100 words, as I’ve mentioned above.
For translation, suggested number of points is 200 for 100 words translated (2 points per word).
For audio recording, suggested number of points is 100 for 100 recorded words.
Every user is free to offer higher or lower number of points when submitting the request, which means that you can go through open requests and respond only to those for which you think that number of offered points is appropriate.

Thanks for your explanation, Zoran!