Price feedback

Hi Steve and the team!

Any chance we could get more savings on the 6month/12month subscription deals? Saving $5 over the course of six months just doesn’t tempt me enough, especially since I can drop out at any time now (not that I plan to, ever).
I’d like to support the site further and I think a better discount might attract more people to pay up to one of the more money-generating (subscription) models.

And regarding the premium plus package: $29 extra per month for a handful of points seems a bit disproportionate. What about some points for the $10 a month subscription (who also are paying customers) and even more for the $39 a month?

Just to clarify, I’m not here to get free stuff , I am more than happy with the service you guys are giving me already - just giving my feedback to hopefully give you guys an idea of what newcomers think, etc.


I do agree that the structure of the subscription don’t give much incentives to subscribe for a 6 months or a year. The Premium membership offer a 2.5% discount. The 6 months plan offer 8.33% and the 1 year 9.17% on the basic plan.

I do understand that giving more points or discount on those could be problematic as some tutors convert point for cash.

Nevertheless, giving a better discount will help get newcomers and will help to keep your current subscribers.

Just my two cents, keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback. These are interesting ideas that we will take into consideration.


I agree with the author of this thread. I mean, I had the exact same impression regarding the payment. At first I wanted to purchase 6-month subscription, but after I saw that I can save only $5 I decided to stay with the monthly payment. The higher discount would certainly encourage me to buy a 6-month subscription.

Anyway, thank you for a great platform for learning languages. I love what LingQ offers and I will definitely support it and spread among friends.

Thanks for the reply Steve, you and your team are doing great.