Previously ignored or "known" words can't be turned into a lingq

As of today, I can no longer click on a word that I have previously marked “known” or “ignore” in order to turn it into a lingq. What’s up?

Hi Thomas,
Hmm, that’s strange. When did you first noticed this? Are you still experiencing this issue? If yes, would you please give us permission to log into your account and check what could be problem? If yes, please email us on support(at) with your login informations. Thanks!

Still the same problem. It’s been a little over two days now.
I’ve sent you my login info

This post seems to be about the same problem: "Gray Words" Bug - Language Forum @ LingQ

Ive noticed the same thing
or sometimes its a word ive previously put as “review in 30 days”
I cant even click on them any more to see the meaning if i need a refresher.
Even if i go into the vocab list, mark it back to " 1 "
and reload the page, it isnt clickable.
But its just some words, like sabes.

Hi Thomas,
The issue should be fixed now. Can you please check if it works prroperly? Thanks!

Fixed for me, not sure about him.