Previous Problem revisited

I made earlier post about how I accidentally added 30hrs instead 30mins to my progress snapshot in the listening section. Since then, I have decided to restart my 90-day challenge but unfortunately my progress snapshot records are still incorrect. For example, if you look at my progress snapshot then set it to 90-day challenge it says I have -30 hours of listening but if i add 30hrs then my all-time records will be incorrect. I’m not entirely sure how resolve this issue. Nonetheless, I have realized that I need to do much more listening… If anyone could help me resolve this I would greatly appreciate it.

After you had accidentally added 30 hours, did you subtract 30 hours to bring you back to your original data? After that you needed to add the 30 minutes you meant to add in the first place.

I don’t understand how this could affect your all-time record. What am I missing?

I did the same and Alex gave me the same advice as SanneT. It looks a bit odd in your daily stats, but the problem should go away once those daily stats are merged into the weekly, monthly and 90 Day stats

Or it did for me.

Good luck with the Challenge. I finished it successfully on Christmas Eve and know it made a massive difference to my listening ability. At the beginning of the 90 Days I was struggling with short Dutch pod casts. I am now listening to talking books! It’s really worth this massive effort needed to get your listening up.

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Awesome thanks for you help! I guess can wait it out and see what happens. And congrats on your 90-day challenge. I convinced one of my friends to join me in the 90-day challenge. I’m looking forward to it.

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I did subtract the 30 hours. And my all-time record is correct it’s my daily record that was incorrect but I think I will just wait and see what unfolds. Thank you for responding!

Ah, good point… I might then encourage you to try restarting the challenge again - the challenge takes your statistics from the period after which you start the challenge, so if you removed the 30 hours from your Progress Snapshot after beginning the challenge then it will consider your listening to be -30 hours, rather than 0 hours as it actually is. With the progress snapshot, the quicker you can correct any mistakes when manually adding statistics, the better. Otherwise it just kind of gets confusing until a week or so has gone by :slight_smile: