Preview of lessons

It seems to me that the lesson opens in the libary when I click on it instead of opening a preview window. (IE7)

Same here (Chrome on a mac)

I noticed that too (Safari on an iPad) :wink:

Same here, IE 8.0. Mouse-over does however give relevant info, including a link to the collection.

To preview a lesson you must hover over its thumbnail, to me it seems much more sleek and convenient

pardon, over its title under the thumbnail

Adalbertolito, to make things clear: I miss the option to play it in the preview! How to see the description is not the problem.

Like Vera, I miss it too! That was one of the greatest things of the Library. Now to pre-listen to the lesson you have to go to its collection. It takes too long having to go to each one of them :frowning:

We watched some beginners use the site, and several never got past the preview. It took to long to load, and it was confusing to them. Now the lesson opens in one step, in about the same time as it took to load the preview. I believe this is better for most users, and especially beginner users. It is easy to delete a lesson if we start listening and don’t like it.

It is not possible to make changes that suit every user. We appreciate all comments at this Forum, especially from our strong supporters like Vera and Berta, but we also want to do things that will make things easier for beginners. That is one of our major goals, to get more active members. It is a bit like the prodigal son in the Bible, maybe.

Just to continue on what Steve has said, when we watched some new users use the site they seemed to think the Preview screen was the lesson and listened to the audio there, then became confused. We wanted to make sure they went to the lesson in one step since that seemed to be their expectation when they clicked on a lesson title. Sorry for the loss of functionality to those of you who did find it useful.

Oh, it was such a big improvement when you introduced this new feature last year. I loved it a lot. Wouldn’t it be better to hide this functionality for new users and to have it for all experienced users?
There are so many indicators that you can use to figure out if a member have worked on a lesson, for example you can show the preview function when

  • Number of lesson > 5,
  • Activity score > 20,
  • LingQs > 20
    or something like this.
    In my mind, this would be better than to kill this functionallity.

I, for one, am happy that this function is gone. I now get to the lesson in one step not two. I really do not see any advantage to the Preview screen. I would be interested in hearing the views of others.

-You can check the quality of the sound before getting the lesson. This is VERY important, some lessons have dreadful sound and I won’t get them if they have poor sound quality.

-You can check the accent (One thing I don’t like is that you can’t see anywhere what is the lesson’s accent, only by filtering it, but the view of the lessons that way is not very appealing, can’t see the accent on the lesson’s description when browsing with the buttons on the left like: “new lessons”…etc)

-You can get the general feeling of the lesson pre-listening to it. Maybe the person who reads the lesson talks with a depressing voice, for example.

I know that there was some good functionality on the preview popup which many of you liked. We will figure out a good way of restoring the preview functionality. Perhaps a “preview” button. Then we will remove the automatic popup that appears now.

That would be great Mark! Thank you.