Pressed LinQed button accidentally

I accidentally pressed the LingQed button when exiting a lesson but I didn’t know the blue words. It added about 60 words which I don’t know. How can I reverse this?


@ant123 - You can’t reverse it but you can create LingQs for any known word at any time by selecting it and then hovering on it. Selecting it makes it “blue” again. Once you create the LingQ, it will be removed from your Known Words total. Just go through the text and select all the words you don’t know yet.

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No, I wanted to just exit the lesson screen by clicking on ‘My lessons’ but a LingQed button appears on screen. You then only have one opportunity to click it without confirming.

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@ant123 - As Mark mentioned, you can just highlight these words again to save them. You also might want to click the option on the popup to not show it again, especially if you regularly navigate to other pages before completing your lessons.

Thanks Alex and Mark.

Imyirtseshem, the feeling is mutual: I have no idea what you mean.