Preparing for a long flight can I use lingq completely offline

as title says. I will be on a long flight, I want to read as much as possible. I wonder if I can get lingq and dictionaries to work completely offline.


You can try it out yourself…

First I would suggest going into the lessons you would want to use, including generating any audio. I think Lingq will at least get the most popular 1 or 2 definitions and store them, even for blue words.

Now turn your wifi and carrier data off or go into airline mode. Then try going into the lessons and doing your normal thing. I’m quite sure the dictionaries won’t work as you need an internet connection for those, but maybe definitions that you have stored for already yellow words, and the 1 or 2 blue word popular definitions I think might be cached (for speed at the very least).

Hopefully you get a definitive answer, but just in case no one answers, you can try the steps above.


@dav009 This is why it is good to have different strategies for different moments. You could use that time to repeat lessons instead of searching for new words. You organise yourself with a playlist and repeat.

You could eventually buy a dictionary for yourself if you want to read a lot and be sure about your translations. For example, a kindle version.

I haven’t never tried it so I don’t know how it would work, but a part from the popular meaning (which I hope they would be offline), all other dictionaries require an online connection.


I’ve tried it. It is super finicky and it won’t keep all your lessons loaded, so fairly quickly it will just get stuck on a load screen. probably stop working after the first lesson.

You can download the audio for lessons in a playlist i think, but test it to double check.


I think they have changed something, before lessons were all downloaded, now it seems it’s working in a different way. Not sure what happened. :unamused:

Anyway, after your long flight it would be nice if you could report back on what you were able to accomplish, and the best set up you were able to figure out. It might help others in the future. Plus, I’m curious as well. :rofl:

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Good question. Naturally download anything that can be downloaded. But I was happy to pay $8 on my most recent South West flights to get full internet. Worked perfectly.

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Offline LingQ on Android is full of bugs at the moment. Listening to the playlist works fine, but creating lingQs, marking Known Words, records stats while reading while listening all had issues the last time I checked. You’ll also lose your streak if you don’t reconnect that day.

For time away from the Internet, the only function of LingQ, which I consider functions properly is listening to the playlist.

Other offline options to consider:

  • eBook reader (or a paper book)
  • offline Netflix
  • downloading podcasts