Prepare for Valentine's Day with Even More Content

Italian is the language of love, isn’t it? If you agree, you’d better start speaking it before the 14th! Salvatore Racconta is a podcast by… Salvatore… who talks about just about everything in Italian. Cheaper to study his lessons than to book a flight to Rome! Check it out here Login - LingQ

Or, if your date is with a Spanish speaker, you might be better off with Profe’s new podcast course. Great for those intermediate speakers who just need a little push to bring themselves to an advanced level. Check it out here Login - LingQ

You might have heard about the new blockbuster Harry Potter game that came out this week. Why not brush up on your English with some of your favourite scenes from the movies? Check out the course Login - LingQ - It’s a perfect excuse to download the LingQ extension and start importing videos you find on YouTube.

You can get the extension for:
Chrome (Get the LingQ Importer Chrome Extension!)
Firefox (Get the LingQ Importer - Firefox extension!
Safari (Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension!)

As always, there’s far too much new content to mention in only one post. Check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a full list of new lessons!