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Hello. I am Ukrainian and I am study Romanian language. Could you please open for me premium account please?!


You are Premium user now. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!

Hello. I have the same question with one difference: I’m studying English:) I didn’t find where it was possible to enter the promo code UKRAINE6. Could you help me with premium account too, please?

I am Ukrainian. I need to learn English And German. Can you give me a premium, please.
Thank your team for help.

You are Premium user now. :slight_smile:

Hello Zoran. I’m also Ukrainian. Can I get premium account to continue studying, if I have already used this promo code? Or that was just for 6 months? Thank you!

@user8720 Sure, I extended your Premium plan for another 6 months.

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Wow, this is great! Thank you!

Could you add me to friends on Facebook?

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Hello! Is this forum still active? I move to Germany from Ukraine and soon Spain. I try to learn spanish and English right now. I like this website, can I please have premium to learn? Thank you!!

@alexlearningx1 You are Premium now. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, Zoran. I’m also Ukrainian:) Can I get premium account for 6m please? Im going to study German and Polish, would be extremely grateful for this opportunity. Thanks upfront!

@mkyshenia Please note that your account is already Premium as you did already ask for Free access back in April and we activated it for you then.

Hi Zoran :slight_smile: I am also Ukrainian. Can I also get premium? :blush: I’m in Germany now, I urgently need to learn German :pray:t2:

@lolaeagle You are Premium now. :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you so much :hugs:

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