Preguntas sobre acordar y recordar

My understanding is that acordar means ‘to agree’

Does this mean that with acordar you say: “¿éstas de acuerdo?” Meaning: “do you agree?” Can you simply say: “¿acuerdas?” to mean the same thing? I’m struggling to see how you can use it in its different conjugations. It seems you say “estoy de acuerdo” (I agree) but also ¿éstas de acuerdo?" (Do you agree?). I assume this means that ‘acuerdo’ is also the noun: ‘agreement’ ?

Also, I know that ‘acordarse’ is used reflexively to mean “to remember.” Is ‘recordar’ different in some way? Do you use ‘acordarse’ in response to a question like “do you remember?” “Sí me acuerdo.” But ‘recordar’ to say: “I remember that day.” “Recuerdo aquel día.”

Gracias anticipadas.

No, you can’t say “acuerdas” for “estas de acuerdo” (“concuerdas” would be correct but it’s literary). You can use “acordar” to replace" “ponerse de acuerdo”, come to an agreement. “Acordaron verse”, they agreed to meet

Yes, you can answer with “me acuerdo” if asked "¿Recuerdas…¿, “recordar” and “acordarse de” are interchangeable in the sense of remembering
Only recordar (algo a alguien) can be used in the sense of reminding: Recuérdame que le escriba