Predictive text input doesn't work in body text

If I try to use predictive text input or Autocorrect with Lingq on my phone, for example when composing this message, the predicted words I select are not added in the comment textbox. Neither are any autocorrect suggestions applied into the textbox if I have made a typo and correct.

Are you using iOS or Android app?

Android. OnePlus 8T, Chrome browser and Swiftkey keyboard.

Mind you, this is not a problem in the app, but in the Lingq website.

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This is almost my exact setup, Android, Chrome, Swiftkey, and I have the same results, but as you said only on the website.

Thanks, we’ll check that. May I ask why are you using website instead of app version on your Android device?

Is the forum accessible from the non-beta mobile app? I am using the beta app right now, and it is the same result as chrome on mobile with SwiftKey. I switched to Gboard just now and it as actually unusable after making a spelling error. It cannot be deleted.

Gboard is unusable to write in the forum too, using my Android 10. Everything is fine if you just write, but if you try to delete, or to position the cursor back in order to edit a previously written sentence, then everything goes bonkers.

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