Predefined LingQs in new language

I just clicked on a new language for fun, in my case it was Portuguese. The system prompted me that it was my first time with this language, and suggested me to choose my first lesson.

I picked my first lesson and opened it. To my surprise, I saw some words marked in ‘yellow’. They were already LingQ-ed!

So I opened up my vocabulary and to my surprise, there were already 31 LingQs created.

Any idea? Thanks.

Hi Edwin,

If you go to your profile and change the timeline on your Progress Snapshot you will see that some time in the previous 3 1/2 years you had created a total of 37 LingQs, 31 of which are still remaining. It’s possible it was so long ago that you’ve now forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:
The only way it would show the “Choose your first lesson” button is if you had no lessons in that language. I can see, however, that you have in fact taken 1 lesson in Portuguese since you started on LingQ. Or perhaps it was one of your friends :wink:

Interesting, I might have switched to Portuguese, but I can’t recall creating any LingQ. I see a few of them even don’t have and example in the entire library.

Never mind. I am going to delete them and start from scratch again. Thanks.