Practicing english

Hay. I’m Natalia. I’m from Poland. I wanna practice my english and I hope there are people who wants the same :slight_smile: Please, let me now if you want to speak english… text, skype :slight_smile:

Hello, How are you? My name’s Igor and I’m from Brazil. I’d like to practice English with you. I enjoy reading, working out, traveling and cooking. I also have finance, economic and politcs as part of my interested topics. But I’d be more than happy to just chat with you whatever the topic is. So, let me know if you’d like to practice English. Bye Bye.
skype live: igor.g15

Hello! I’m Kevin from Indonesia. I’m down for this, so let me add you on skype so we could chat english there :slight_smile:

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Hi !
I’m Huynh and I really love to practice English whenever. When I’m free I often speak English myself, to be honest, I’m boring a bit. Now I’m looking for people who want to learn and practice with me (included chat or call).
You guy can contact me by skype live:huynhminhphong


Hi Natalia, my name is Jose, I’m Brazilian and I would love to practice English with you.

Hi, I’ve found to be a helpful fun way to learn English words! And it’s free!