Practice spoken english via Skype

Hi! My name is Alex. I was born and raised in Russia, Moscow. I’m very interested in practiсe my spoken English (my level is upper-intermediate). We can talk practically about everything you want, but I’m really passioned about technologies, books, startups. So if you want to raise your skills of spoken English, let’s try to do it together :slight_smile:
Feel free and add me (my skype: wresks)

P.S. For everyone who is learning Russian: please, don’t hesitate and add me via Skype. I will do all my best to help you

Hi. I am Dee Singh from Karachi, I have been learning English for very long time but still I can’t speak English well because I don’t practice spoken English. I need people who could practice spoken English with me If someone interested in talking to me kindly feel free to add me. My Skype: learner_learner