Practice English on Skype

Anyone interested to practice English via Skype.if you are interested , please comment down.
That would be great.

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I am interested bro :slight_smile:

I’m interested to learn English

Hi, I am Jason, I’m interested in your topic and I want to improve my Eng too. let add my skype as follow: duong.tuong91

Can you add me please

Helli my friend
lets go!

I am really interested to practice English on Skype.

I would like to practice english via Skype!

Hi, I am also looking for someone to talk english… I am reading english books, articles, listening BBC, CNN etc., and I am understanding what I read or what I listen. So I need to improve my english and the only way to get better at speaking is talking to someones

My Skype is: enrico micio
Fell free to add. I’m looking for someone to practice english conversation!

Hi, i am also looking for someone to practice English with preferably if native speaker

if anyone intersted please tell me


H there, I would like to practice English through speaking, let me know if there is somebody who wants to practice with me, I’m also fluent in Spanish so we can practice both languages. Btw I am looking for some who wants to practice French with me. even though I am a complete beginner in this language I am looking forward to practicing this language. Au revoir.

Good Morning. I would like to practice english with you…How it works?

I am available in facebook, YouTube Downloader - Download Youtube videos for free!

Hi Tony, send me your skype username or your email so I can text you. The idea is to practice conversational English. I am from Colombia too so I think we won’t have any issue in terms of communication.