Powerful Help for Learners of German

I recently stumbled across a website which I found to be the single most beneficial help to my intermediate-level German (apart from LingQ) than anything I have found prior, which I’d like to share with you.

Have you ever just sat and wondered during your reading time, how a word such as “bis” or “schon” or “noch” just landed in your sentence without having seemingly any reason to be there? Ever wondered why the word “mal” comes around so often but the translation doesn’t make sense to you? Or maybe you thought to yourself, why on earth is the difference between unterschiedlich, verschieden, and anders? Are they the same word, or do you need to use them specifically for certain contexts?

All these questions have answers. Long, and sometimes confusing answers. And asking a grammar textbook feels like consulting an ancient text. It’s just too dry.

However, this guy changes things. He writes specifically about certain words (“Wann or wenn; whats the difference?”) or certain clusters of words (irgend-, durch-) and explains them step by step, giving ample examples of how they should be used, and tosses in plenty of humour and lightheartedness to help you enjoy the lesson. You get two free lessons a week, and its only about $5 a month for complete access to everything. I know this is on top of the $8-$13 you already use for LingQ, but i promise this website will vastly improve your understanding of the deep confusing ravines and caves of grammar that German throws at us.

Check it out yourself!

Hopefully this helps! Bis bald