Pour Parler Une Langue il Faut D'abord L'écouter - Steve Kaufmann

I talk about the importance of listening, and how to listen effectively in order to learn languages. The video is in French with subtitles. I haven’t spoken French in a while so I’m a little rusty.


This is the video in French that I made a week ago that proves the point that Steve makes.
I learn French for almost 22 months, with little effort. I’ve listened to 300+ hours, I’ve read 6000+ pages and I started speaking after 9 months of silence and I’ve had only 33 hours of lessons on Italki. Only 33! So, to arrive to my current level I spent < $500 for books and lessons. This is the cheapest language that I learned :slight_smile:
P.S. Italian and English helped speed up the learning process, so for a complete novice it will take longer.

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