Potential improvement for "LingQs of the Day" Flashcards

I’ve realised that in all of the languages I’ve studied on LingQ, all the really old LingQs I’ve created never come up anymore in my emails. I understand that this has something to do with the algorhythm.

However, today I got my LingQs for Spanish and I only had 8 (I set a maximum of 25). I would love it if, when there are not enough new LingQs to fill up the requested number, old LingQs appeared in the LingQs of the Day emails.

What do you think?

I like the idea.

In the near future we have plans to develop a more advanced SRS system, so give us a bit of time to get that sorted out :slight_smile:

Peter, we will try to address this problem. I agree that we should be able to get a constant number of LingQs of the day without making too many changes. I will have a look at our algorithm.
We are also looking at revamping our SRS, but that may take a while.

Thanks for the prompt responses, and I’m looking forward to these (potential) updates.