[potential bug] Adding to finished lesson give wrong count

When creating a lesson, I often copy lines from a book, so I can analyze the contents. As I only add piecemeal, chances are I will finish the lesson before I am finished adding stuff. Once I do finish, the blue word count stays zero, the lesson stays as marked ‘finnished’ and I can no longer see progress with respect to the unkown words in the lesson. The lesson I am working on at the moment is called “Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu / Runoilijoina”. It is a childrens book in Finnish. Also, opening the course shows a complete green line, while the lesson contains blue words, which you see when you open it.

I would like to know if this is an issue that has a chance of being fixed. A workaround would be, to not finish a lesson until the entry of lines is finished.

Not sure if that’s actually a bug or not. Once you complete a lesson, it will be marked as completed for good. Editing a lesson and adding more content won’t change its “Completed” status. Most of lessons at LingQ have been edited all the time, since all Premium members can edit any lesson, and it won’t make sense to mark lessons as “Non-completed” for all users that completed it earlier if, for example, one words was changed or added.
So, I suggest you to go with other option you mentioned, try to avoid completing a lesson before you add all content to it.

I guess I gave you an easy out with my workaround suggestion. I apologize for that. I hope you can still seriously consider the request. I will describe it more explicitly and as clear as possible, in my own terms.

If I use the arrow to get to the next page / last page and “the system” declares it finished, which is then final and unchangeable and at the same time refuses to count the blue words, that makes no sense to me. The system should not have a vested interest in whether the lesson is finished or not: I do. For me a lesson with blue words is not done.

The points being:

  1. These blue words should be counted, in the course overview, and in the lesson itself, whether the system considers it finished or not.
  2. A lesson with blue words is not finished. By definition for me as a learner. I am not done learning. Even after, I might still be learning, which is for me to determine.

So, let me either fully determine the status of being finished explicitly or make the number of blue words determine whether it is finished or not. As long as blue words are in the lesson I am not done. Even after, there still are orange words to learn. Still, having blue words determine the lessons status is fine by me, and at the moment my preference.

In short, the current status of ignoring new words after an automated status change does not make sense to me. Also, uncoupling status from unknown words makes even less sense.

I hope my points are clear now. Please reconsider these points in your re-evaluation of my post.

I do understand your point of view, but please note that it’s not usual that lessons are imported by users, then completed, and after that edited again by adding more content to it.
Even if you do that, you can still open a lesson and save these newly added words, but if each change user make in a lesson will make that lesson non-completed, can make confusion for users who did actually completed it earlier.
Instead of avoiding to complete a lesson, why don’t you create a course for book you are reading and just make a new lesson within that course each time you are adding new content?

No need to change the status, just please consider adding the correct count to courses and lessons of any status. That way I can still see an externally added new word and I know I can trust the system.

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