Posting a writing correction

When I’m making a correction, I’m only allowed to input the same amount of characters that was in the original text. How can I type more characters? Thank you.

@zukeitup - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! I checked this and it seems to be working properly. Would you be able to take a screenshot of this and send it to support (at) so we might have a better idea of what is causing this?

Hi - I am a member of LingQ for the long time ago. But this is the first time I send my writing for correction. With the purpose to find out the best way to improve my English ability.

So can you tell me how can I use LingQ the most efficiently. I want to improve my English in both speaking and writing. And in fact, I do not know how to use LingQ

Hope to receive your kind feedback.


@Bamboo - I would definitely recommend taking a look at the Academy page (Login - LingQ) in order to learn more about all the different features on the site.