Can someone tell me why I can never access Lingq postings on posterous? Do I have to be a member of Posterous to do this? If I click on the links at the bottom of this page like LingqCentral or the link to the honor roll in the monthly newsletter, all I see is a page that encourages me to start posting on Posterous. On the other hand, if I click on the link to Vera’s blog on her profile page, I am taken directly to her blog on Posterous.

Excuse me. From the honor roll link I get the message, “We couldn’t find what you were asking for,” from Posterous. This is not new BTW. These links have never worked for me.

It is strange. I can see the pages on Posterous without logging in the site.

I think it may have something to do with your security settings blocking Posterous for some reason.

Hmm…That could be.

I’ve not trouble with posterous. If I’m logged in or not, it’s the same.

@Jingle - There shouldn’t be a problem accessing posterous. It’s just a blog site. I don’t really know what the issue might be.

Thanks, everybody. The regular links don’t work for me, but I did access the linqcentral blog by searching in Posterous for Lingq and clicking on “Mark” when it came up with a comment from him.