Post your videos on the new Facebook pages

We’ve seen some action at the Facebook pages that have been released over the past few days, but we’re looking for you guys to contribute as well. After seeing skyblueteapot’s video, we thought it would be cool if you guys uploaded videos on the Facebook pages of yourselves speaking in the different languages. It can be in your native language or a language that you are learning, there are no restrictions.
Although not all the languages have pages yet, we will be publishing pages for other languages soon, so be patient!

You can find the pages here:
LingQ Main:

We’re looking forward to seeing your videos!

Good idea. Please, can you set up a German page as well? And yes, I’m patient :wink: No hurry.

Hi Vera,

We’ll have the German page up soon, but in the meantime maybe you can post some of your English videos on the English LingQ page :slight_smile: