Post your language learning progress plots!

I find these new plots quite interesting and I am curious to see what other people’s plots look like. For my language learning it seems clear that my Chinese progress was gradual whereas both my French (except for in the very beginning) and German grew in shorter bursts (3-6 months or so). Consistency is definitely my challenge!


Hey, how is your understanding of french and german now?

I Wish I could post images here.


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I’ve only been at it for two months, but here is my progress so far

Do you mind if I ask how many hours per day you spent while learning around 4000 chinese words a month? I gained around 1500 last month spending around an hour a day and most of my new known words on Lingq are words I already know from before and not from learning lingqs.

If I remember correctly I spent around a solid 2 hours a day on LingQ for most of a year-long period. There are some great podcasts on this website that should help speed things up. I also read quite a bit of news which gave me a lot of simple nouns, names of places and such.

Reading-wise I can fairly easily read most books in French, but my German isnt quite there yet since its been over a year since I have used it.

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Screenshot by Lightshot : Japanese
You can see when it shot up at first when I switched from some Assimil to full on Lingq in 2014/07 and when reading motivation died off around 2016

Screenshot by Lightshot : Turkish

Here’s mine: :slight_smile:

Looks good, very steady! Started a new language mid 2017? Looks a litle more flat from that point on. :slight_smile: Or maybe at 60k words in Russian, you are starting to see few new words in news articles/novels?


Easy to see where I’ve been motivated or had something interesting to read… Just started a new interesting book so it looks like the pattern will continue.



Thank you! I used to read a lot on Lingq for the first two years. After I reached a high enough level I started dabbling in other languages and focusing on listening in Russian (outside Lingq) more than reading but I still make a point of at least reading a bit most days, much less than I used to, though

This is a very cool thread.

I started around the end of May, I believe.

Here’s my progress so far:


Very fast progress!

Really interesting in 2018 to be able to get this clear overview back to 2011 in my case.

With me you can see more of a plateaus and bursts theme.





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How did you study vocabulary?? I just reached 2000 ish known words in Japanese and i am reading 2 hours a day. When did you suddenly realize “oh i am understanding this?”