Post-upgrade: four suggestions / problems

Post-upgrade LingQ is a lot more visually streamlined and it’s a huge improvement on the old version.

Here are some things that could be addressed to make it better.

  1. Give option to retain paragraph structure. Recently, carriage returns/line breaks have been added to all sentences; I don’t know if this is a conscious choice on the part of the developers. Please could we make this optional, so that one could toggle whether sentences in a paragraph are broken up with line breaks?

This is the most important request, for me.

  1. Lesson order. When reviewing, I scroll down to the bottom of the lesson list to find the reading material that has gone the longest un-read. When the LingQ servers are slow, this can be a drag. A simple fix would be to add a “first opened” option to the “Sort” by drop-down, which would do the opposite of “last opened”

  2. Better deletion. At the moment, when one clicks on the +/- button to remove a lesson from one’s catalogue, there’s no guarantee it will be gone when that list is loaded up later.

  3. More stable tag display. At times, the site is uncertain how to distribute/format the layout of the green tag labels, when a course is viewed in edit mode. The layout can ‘flicker’ between one layout choice and another and the site can lock up when one tries to edit attributes on that page.

One can fix this by deleting all the tags and re-tagging with terms less likely to cause the bug, but a more stable developer-end solution is probably best for all.

EDIT: the image was taken after I’d fixed the above course.




I’ll bump this post just once, because it took me quite a lot of time to put together. However, if it doesn’t gain traction this time, I’ll let it quietly fall from grace x