Post and Submit for Correction

“Post and Submit for Correction” is my most favorite function of this site. For the first time I could not understand the difference between “Post” and “Post and Submit for Correction,” which I mistook as “Submit for Correction and Post.” Sometimes I get my writing report back without no correction, and that is when I feel very happy. Of course, I enjoy reading the exchanges of messages among the members of LingQ.

“function of this site” should read “function on this site”
“without no correction” should read “without any correction”

If you are interested in writing in English, practicing writing in the language is important without doubt. But you don’t always come up with something interesting. If you happen to encounter difficulties on this site, you should feel lucky and begin posting a message on the LingQ forum. If you click the line, “Post and Submit for Correction,” you can see your post on the screen and then on the other page that appears, you can have the message corrected by tutors. You might experience trouble using this site, and have to post messages, by which you can kill two birds with one stone. : -)

Hi Yutaka!
Thank you for letting us know about the function of “Post and Submit for Correction”. I didn’t notice it. Last month, I submitted some writings which are my posted messages on the forum. I copied messages and pasted them on the submission page. Next time, I’ll will use this convenient submission.
I’m not good at writing in English, but I like to communicate in English with other members here on the forum. I believe that the more I write messages in English, the better for my English writing.

Before the internet is getting popular, it means 80’, I was a member of American network named CompuServe. I often visited the Travel Forum (Asia section only), and the Japan Forum (mostly Sumo section). My English writing was poor, but I had posted a lot of messages and enjoyed talking (communicating). The forums in LingQ reminds me my CompuServe life. There were few Japanese members on CompuServe. There are millions of Japanese who learn English seriously, I hope many of them jump into the forums and enjoy exchanging idea in learning languages, not only studying for tests. Even if their writing is not perfect, I’m sure they enjoy using their learning language with the people around the world.

Hi Nobuo,
Thank you for your comment. I was not a member of CompuServe, but I remember using the site via NiftyServe, which cost me a lot of money. :slight_smile:

“If you submit writing for correction your tutor has first claim on it but others will take it after 48 hours I believe. Some people write in the title” for so and so" and then no tutor will take it except the designated tutor."
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I did not know these things at all. I wonder if we can read further information somewhere on the LingQ site?

“on the LingQ site?” should read “on the LingQ site.”