[possibly urgent] New lessons empty

I don’t want to cry wolf, but I noticed my lessons tab suddenly was empty and even after doing a lesson, remained empty. Let me know if I have to do stuff, I really don’t know if others have this or if it is serious at all.

EDIT: I will not be on all evening, but I will try to check back before retiring for the night.
EDIT2: (next morning) It seems like the problem is solved: can you confirm?


Same problem here… lessons just vanished.

Same here. Logged off, logged back on, and still nothing. Tried desktop first, and then the app, but on both platforms the problem still exists. Currently using Google Chrome but for troubleshooting tried using Microsoft edge, that didn’t work either. Tried all my separate Lingq apps for each language which at the moment is 3. Worked fine This morning which for me was 0800 PST, but now at about 1100 PST, nada.

Sorry about that everyone, we are working on it. Will be fixed any moment now.

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