Possible to import known words?

Hi I have a big list of 1500 known words which I’d like to import to Lingq. I’ve tried using the import lesson feature but it seems the list is to big as it crashes when I try to paste them in. Is there a better way to do this?

As I far as I remember, the lesson’s length is limited to 10 000 words, so, you must be able to import your list as a lesson.
What crashes, exactly?

The whole web page just freezes and then a while later Chrome closes itself.

Try another browser.

@italianore - As a Free user you are only allowed to create 100 LingQs at a time. If your file contains more than 100 words, it will not load. There should be an error message there which we will take a look at. However, if you want to import that many words, you will have to upgrade your account.

@mark From what I’ve understood, italianore is not trying to import lingqs, but rather wants to import a list of already known words as a lesson just to mark these as known, not to make lingqs from these!

Oh I’ve got it working now I think it wasn’t working because of it had a load of hyphens and stuff on it. Thanks for your help